Private party

A dreamlike atmosphere that will leave your guests breathless. The Tortuga Sailing Ship will make your dream come true; organizing your event in Naples on a sailing boat is definitely an exclusive idea that will surprise your guests.

The opportunity to make a boat party ensures privacy and freedom

A particular location... unusual... a real jewel of design surrounded by one of the most romantic and spectacular scenery of our peninsula.

corporate event

The exclusive context offered by the Tortuga Sailing Ship is perfect for framing high-level and successful business events.

If you are looking for a fun experience or want to create team spirit, celebrate the achievement of a goal and prepare yourself in the best way for new challenges what could be better than a boat event?

Our aim is to adapt our professionalism to the needs of each individual event so as to guarantee a high quality standard to satisfy even the most demanding business customer.

music and fun

If during your celebrations you really want to leave your mark, it will not be enough to think of a beautiful location and a satisfying banquet, you will have to create an enveloping experience that entertains your guests, knows how to excite them during your special day.

Our artists will entertain you, accompany you, be at times a mere musical background and at times an engaging and unique show

your navigation Party

For your event you can move on the high seas or stay anchored in port. For the more adventurous we recommend boat trip to the Amalfi Coast or sailing tours to the islands of Ischia and Capri

Our dining room staff and kitchen staff and the entire crew will be at your complete disposal throughout the day taking care of every detail, for your unforgettable boat party

Refreshments, dinner and mice en place will be chosen with care, according to your needs


It's the details that will make the difference by making everything wonderful around you. From the smallest thing to the biggest one they will be personalized making the atmosphere just as you wanted it.

We will choose together decorations, flowers, arrangements and everything you need to create a special event.


The restaurant of the Veliero Tortuga is the ideal place to spend a pleasant culinary experience, where you can taste the delicious dishes of the Neapolitan traditions and live unique moments in a location suspended on the waves of the sea of Naples.

Mise en place

What season is it now? Why do we get together at the table? What atmosphere would we like to create?

These questions, in reality, are various points of view on a single theme: the best way to welcome our guests, through what we put before their eyes when they approach our table.

That's why the mise en place helps us to make "local mind" , so to do better!